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Jeanette's latest book, Marketing for Dummies, 5th Edition, adds a psychology based marketing perspective to this classic Dummies title written for today's digital era.  Written to inspire and guide small business owners and brand managers at global companies, covering all aspects of marketing and providng tactical steps to create psychological relevance, social buzz, demand, sales and profitits.  Preview and purchase here.  

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Whether a keynote, or workshop session, Jeanette's session on The Psychology of Choice keep audiences engaged and excited for more.  She consistently earns back by popular demand status and top speaker reviews - across industries and the world!  Jeanette's keynotes and customized workshops are built around inspiring new ideas and the affordable tactics in Marketing for Dummies.  For pricing and availability for keynotes to two-day custom training sessions, email

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By helping brands develop ESPs - emotional selling propositions vs. unique ones that don't exist - Jeanette has helped businesses in all industries, B2B and B2C, achieve "unthinkable" results.  Email today for a free consultation and audit of your current marketing content.

ESP Workshops

Our customized workshops deliver awe-inspiring insights about how your customers think and act far beyond the analytics gained from transactional data and data modeling.  Sales and marketing teams both praise our full day or two day events as the most valuable learning time spent, and report strong results from acting on lessons learned.  

Clients completing our courses include:

Country Financial, Sony, Christian Broadcasting Network, AlphaGraphics, National University, Xerox, Symantec, Allegra Print and Image, System Pavers and many more.  

Courses are created around your needs and typically cover:

  • Psychology of Choice:  How our brains think and work.
  • Power of the Ages:  Generational Influences you must address to gain respect, attention and results
  • Principles and Practices: Psychology insights as to how we process stimuli, decisions, and assign loyalty.   Learning from Freud, Jung, Kahnemann
  • Creative Psychology:  What your colors, images, and iconology say about your brand and how you're attracting AND repelling customers. 
  • Creating Psychology Profiles you can act on:  identifying the attitudes, schema, thought processes and emotions that drive engagement with your brand/category and how you must respond to each
  • Development of your brand's ESP - emotional selling proposition
  • Audit of existing materials per your ESP with interactive working session that leaves you with ready to use creative that is psychologically relevant!

For a customized outline and pricing model for your brand, email Jeanette directly at